Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'VE MOVED MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

COUNTDOWN: 132 days

Things to do today:
* More painting of Erica’s room tonight!
* Received my financial aid package from Pepperdine via email today!

Malibu fact of the day:
* The first working model of a laser was demonstrated by Dr. Theodore Maiman in 1960 in Malibu at then Hughes Research Laboratory (now known as HRL Laboratories LLC).

What I'll miss about Ocean Springs today:
* I know I’ll miss the Ocean Springs School District no matter how good the schools in Malibu are… We have had a terrific experience here.

What I'm thinking today:
* I’m getting ahead of myself, but my brain has been dwelling on what it will be like to be a lawyer – trying to get a picture for myself…

Monday, March 24, 2008

COUNTDOWN: 133 days

Things to do today:
* I called my friend, Roland, to begin the process of getting ourselves down to one car for our move to California
* Jody plans to start painting Erica’s room tonight, a process that will take up about every evening this week

Malibu fact of the day:
* The population is 12,575 (which will be the smallest town I’ve ever lived in!)

What I'll miss about Ocean Springs today:
* The Studio (Hillary’s dance studio). You can read about it HERE.

What I'm thinking today:
* Listening to someone try out for my job this Sunday will be weird!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Emily on Miss Jody’s lap at the Seawolves game


1. Did I help make life better for anyone this week?
After an awkward court date recently, I was able to deliver Easter baskets to my CASA kids this week. The baskets were donated by a local organization, and I hope they made the kids smile.

2. Did I reach across lines that divide and meet someone new this week?
I had the honor of reading John 19: 1-37 in a Good Friday service at Christus Victor Lutheran in Ocean Springs at noon this past Friday, followed by attending a funeral at Bible Baptist Church in Pascagoula at 2pm. I enjoyed hanging out with my preacher friends in Ocean Springs as well as giving hugs to my grieving friends in Pascagoula, but I also enjoyed meeting new people in both places across denominational lines.

3. Did I learn anything worthwhile this week?
I learned from the cardiologist that my heart is in really great shape! Now, on to the gastrointestinal doctor in about ten days.

4. Did I spend time with close family and friends this week?
We really enjoyed a huge Easter dinner with our friends, the Smiths, today. They are such a special family to us, and we had a lot of fun hanging out there. With our impending move, it seemed like we talked way too much about us, but the Smiths are such gracious friends they didn’t seem to mind.

5. Did I take the time to notice nature this week?
We busted our tails working on our yard yesterday, but the day was so beautiful. When I stopped for lunch, I sat outside in a lawn chair (mostly because I was nasty!), and I should sit outside in lawn chairs more often. 70 degree temps, blue skies, cool breeze, and bumblebees and butterflies flitting around the air.

6. Did I have fun this week?
Tom and Laura coordinated a young adult group trip to a hockey game Friday night. Around 30 of us watched the Mississippi Seawolves put the hurt on the Texas Wildcatters to the tune of six goals to one. The Havards sat on our left, the O’Connells on our right, and the Raifords behind us. It was extra fun to have fun surrounded by such neat people.

7. Did I do my best at my job this week?
I delivered an Easter sermon for the 10th year in a row, and I did a pretty good job if you count how good you did by audience tears. I told the full story about Jade and seeing her at Mallonee’s wedding a couple of weeks ago, and it was interesting to see the tears scattered throughout the audience. Telling the story of Jade on Easter Sunday just seemed like the right thing to do.

8. Did I engage in a discussion of things that matter this week?
I have had mucho fun discussing Barack Obama’s speech on race with my Hungry Hungry Hippo friends. I love talking about important stuff there.

9. Did I read or hear or see a good story this week?
I read “Soul Among Lions: Musings of a Bootleg Preacher” by Will D. Campbell this week, and I also made progress on my other two books – “Jesus For President” by Shane Claiborne, and “Grace (Eventually)” by Anne Lamott. Lamott is irreverent, and there was a great line in her story about parenting her teenage son: "You've got to wonder what Jesus was like at seventeen. They don't even talk about it in the Bible, he was apparently so awful. " I know this is sacrilege to a few hundred million people, but it made me laugh out loud. Which is dangerous when you’re reading a book.

10. Did I feed my soul with music this week?
I have two new friends with the same name, and they took care of me in the world of music this week: (a) Jamie from Arkansas led me to my “crank it up” song of the week – “Lawyers, Guns, and Money” by Warren Zevon. I found a version on YouTube with Zevon performing unplugged on the BBC, and I’ve been singing the chorus all week long; (b) Jamey from Mississippi pointed me toward another great Todd Agnew song, “Mercy in Me.” I found this one on YouTube, too, and to tell the truth, I actually liked the video someone made to it even more than the song! Give it a search and check it out.

COUNTDOWN: 134 days

Things to do today:
* Easter Sunday was recovery day for the Sturgeons after all the yard work yesterday. We enjoyed an Easter meal with our friends, the Smiths, and mostly did a lot of talking about our move.

Malibu fact of the day:
* Anyone remember “Battle of the Network Stars,” hosted by Howard Cosell? It was a tv special that came on every six months from 1976 through 1985 (my prime growing up years). Found out it was filmed on Pepperdine’s campus.

What I'll miss about Ocean Springs today:
* Our friends, the Smiths. I think this is the third Easter meal we’ve shared with them at their house. They are such neat people, and we’ll miss them a lot. I think we got commitments from at least Daniel and Marianne to come visit us sometime!

What I'm thinking today:
* After today’s sermon completed a full decade worth of Easter sermons, I’m realizing that I won’t be preaching an Easter sermon next year. I’m actually looking forward to sitting in the audience and listening!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

COUNTDOWN: 135 days

Things to do today:
* Wow, we got a lot accomplished today. In addition to Bill Collins coming and getting our piano, we did a ton of work outside. I mowed and did the weedeating everywhere for the first time this season, and Jody and Hillary stained the deck. We also spread mulch around the pool and deck, and Jody trimmed all the bushes and weeded the flowerbed, too. We will be SORE tomorrow!!!

Malibu fact of the day:
* You guys remember Western Auto? It was bought out by Sears Roebuck in 1987, and in 1998 what was left of it was sold to Advance Auto Parts. Well, the founder of Western Auto was George Pepperdine (who began the company with $5 in 1909). He made his fortune through the company, and then founded Pepperdine University in 1937 in Los Angeles. The university moved to Malibu in 1972.

What I'll miss about Ocean Springs today:
* We’ll miss our little friend, Emily. Tracy & Shanna brought her over tonight while they went out to dinner and a movie. Emily is our little buddy, and we’ll miss her a lot.

What I'm thinking today:
* I’ve got to be honest: since I HATE yard work, now that we’ve had a day full of it, I’m thinking how much I can’t wait to live in an apartment again!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

COUNTDOWN: 136 days

Things to do today:
* A rare day when we aren’t doing anything related to our impending move. Helped a friend from church get a new tire this morning, took part in a community Good Friday service at the Lutheran church at noon, followed by attending a funeral for a friend’s father at a Baptist church in Pascagoula. Tonight, our young adult group from church is going to a Mississippi Seawolves (hockey) game.

Malibu fact of the day:
* Actor Martin Sheen was named honorary mayor in 1989. Sheen's tenure is best known for his announcement on nationwide TV that the homeless were welcome in Malibu. Irate locals and neighbors disagreed, and Jerry Perenchko, one of Malibu's weathliest landowners, allegedly chartered a bus to ferry invited homeless to Sheen's residence. Sheen did not open his gates to welcome the homeless.

What I'll miss about Ocean Springs today:
* I was reminded today of how well the different Christian groups get along in Ocean Springs. There has been much pastor turnover in the nine years I’ve been here, so I’m now one of the old guys in town, but throughout the entire time I’ve been here there have been friendly attitudes between every flavor of Christianity.

What I'm thinking today:
* Today’s weather is gorgeous, and I’m thinking that this is normal Malibu weather, only without the biting gnats!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

COUNTDOWN: 137 days

Things to do today:
* Jody plans on finishing cleaning out the master bedroom closet tonight, which is probably about as big as our entire bedroom will be in Malibu. :-)
* I’m still trying to track down our major lead on selling our piano.

Malibu fact of the day:
* There has been one tornado in Malibu’s recorded history, and it struck a hanger at a naval base about two months ago.

What I'll miss about Ocean Springs today:
* Being an important part of Habitat for Humanity. I doubt I’ll ever NOT be involved with HFH, but being one of thirteen board members in the largest producing affiliate in the country makes for interesting times right now. Check us out HERE if you’d like.

What I'm thinking today:
* Today I’m thanking America for dropping the interest rate three-quarters of a point and hoping that might spur someone to buy our house. Our plan is to put it on the market three weeks from today.

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